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"I," said Tarzan, "will go with Om-at to search for Pan-at-lee."

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'She wanted to ask you about Mr. Gardner. Was it he whom you met at Gothlands?'

'Poor Lady Elizabeth! Is it not shocking that he has been making an offer to Emma?'

'He has, has he? Well, and what is she going to do?'

'There can be but one answer,' said Violet. 'Lady Elizabeth came to hear about him.'

'A fine chance for gossip for you.'

'I was forced to tell her,' said she, trying to hide the pain given her by his contemptuous tone. 'I would not have spoken if I could have helped it.'

'Ay!' said Arthur, 'as he says, set on a lady to talk of her husband's friends.'

'But, oh! Arthur, what could I do? Think of poor Emma.'

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